Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress

MettaHygienics has introduced an A to Z hygienic cleaning solution for your home, being a multifunctional liquid having Antibacterial and Deodorant properties which is environmental friendly, gentle to skin and deadly to germs. It is specially made with advanced formula of Moletech TM. It is able to kill more than 600 types of bacteria within 30 seconds. This 100% non-toxic liquid can be used factually on everything which needs to be cleaned. This is a versatile cleaning solution used for cleaning cooking utensils, Floors, Tiles, Wash basins, Bathrooms, Toilets, Clothes (both hand wash and machine wash), and what’s more you can even use it for cleaning your Car, Fridge, Mirrors and Glass items, It is A to Z cleaning solution for your home. Be assured of a Hygienic, clean and germ free home.

Ingredients :

  • Moletech TM Long-lasting Deodorant with Antibacterial Formula.
  • Nonionic Surfactant
  • Anionic Surfactant
  • Humectant
  • Natural Essential Oil
  • Gentle to Skin.
  • 100% Safe& Non-Toxic.
  • Neutralizes Tough Odours.
  • Leaves Light flower fragrance.
  • Removes Tough Stains.
  • Long lasting germ protection.
  • Kills 99.9% bacteria, virus and germs.
  • Saves Water as it has less lather.
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Floors
  • Tiles
  • Wash basins
  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Clothes
  • Car Wash
  • Fridge
  • Mirror
  • Glass Items
  • Clothes- Two full cups (lid of the bottle) for one bucket of clothes.
  • Utensils - 1/4th cup and Dilute.
  • Others - Use as per requirement.
  • This Antibacterial Deodorant All in one Liquid is a Eco friendly Bio product and does not contain any Toxins.
  • Saves Space as there is no need to store different cleaning materials for different purpose.
  • It is gentle on skin.
  • It is a Cost effective Product.
  • Above all it saves the precious Natural resource “Water” as it has no lather.
  • Save unnecessary expenses for cleaning.