Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress

The Deodorant and Antibacterial Fabric is the outcome of research and development in Nano Technology. The break through Nano deodorant yarn is infused with MOLTECH®, presenting a very powerful absorption and life time deodorant and antibacterial functions which are complementary and work on day and night, dry and wet. Moreover, with the advanced weaving technique, it has the ability of Super Absorbent, quick dry, easy wash, leak proof and has a unique soft feeling.

Deodorant and Antibacterial Fabric consist of :

  • Super absorbent Layer
  • Diffusion Layer
  • Storage Layer
  • Nano water-proof coating
  • The Nano Deodorant fabric has the capability to absorb and dissolute the stench able human excrement like urine to non-odour gas like Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide.
  • The Fabric is made up of Nano deodorant yarn which does not lose its deodorant functions even after multiple washes.
  • This is an Eco friendly product unlike the highly non degradable disposable Pads.
  • This Underpad is only 2mm thickness which is easy to carry and hard to be damaged.
  • The deodorant antibacterial under pad can be used in Hospitals and domestic usage. As per the size of the bed or requirement, different sizes can be used. It is recommended to wash every 2-3 days depending on the usage.
  • It can be used for Children’s bed and Pram.
  • The Fabric can be Hand washed or Machine washed, best recommended to wash with anti-bacterial and deodorantAll in one Liquid.
  • • This Fabric is made up of multi layers weaving technique.
  • • The advanced integrated weaving technique has three functional layers with only 2mm thickness.
  • • This unique technique enables it to absorb the liquids. It can diffuse, store and lock the liquids to eliminate the odour and achieve the quick dry function.
  • • The upper smooth layer helps the patients to be more hygienic and comfortable avoiding bed rashes and sores.