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Antibacterial & Deodorant All in One Cleaning Solution

What is All in One Liquid?
The All in One Liquid is a complete Hygienic cleaning solution for your home.
How is this different from other cleaning liquids?
The All in One Liquid is a complete Hygienic Product introduced in India by Metta Hygienics. The liquid has Antibacterial and Deodorant properties which kills 600 types of germs in less than 2 minutes. It is lather free, saves water.
What are the applications of All-In-One Liquid?
This is an A-Z cleaning liquid used for washing utensils, fridge, table top, clothes, cleaning floors, toilets, bathroom, mirrors etc., what's more you can even wash your vehicles like bikes and cars.
Is it safe on hands and clothes?
Yes, it is a 100% Nontoxic product, safe and gentle on skin and kills 99.9% bacteria, virus and germs.
Can I use this liquid for clothes in Washing Machine?
Yes, it can be used for both hand wash and machine wash.
Can I use this for washing new born baby clothes?
Yes, it can be used and is 100% safe and non-toxic.
What type of clothes can I wash by using the All in One Liquid?
You can use All in One liquid for all types of clothes.
Does All In One Liquid removes tough stains?
Of course, it removes the toughest stains by leaving a light flower fragrance.
Do I have to use Soap or detergent powder along with All in one liquid for washing clothes?
Not necessary, just use All in One Liquid in required quantity of measurement as mentioned in "Directions to Use"


How often should the Under Pad be washed?
It is recommended to wash every 2-3 days or depending on the usage.
Is there any recommended detergent for the Pad?
Yes. Moletech has developed a special anti-bacterial and deodorant All in one liquid which can be used on cloths, kitchen, bathroom, floor etc
Can I wash the pad with other detergent?
Yes, however please choose the detergent which does not contain any fabric softner. You can also add a little bleach for the better result.
Can I wash the Pad with Soap?
No. The absorption of the pad will be decreased if you wash it with soap, softner or dry cleaning solvent
What if I washed with the wrong detergent? Is it possible to restore the absorption of the pad?
It is possible but not guaranteed. You can soak the pad for 10 minutes with warm water above 50 C (113 F) plus the anti-bacterial and anti-odour detergent.
Can I wash the Pad with bleach?
Yes, you can add 10cc/45L
What is the life time of the Pad?
Life time of the pad is atleast 12 months and it can be used for as long as the water poof-layer and absorption of the pad are still functional.